Payments & Rewards Infrastructure For Africans.

We believe payments should be fun & seamless, so we created the most flexible and inclusive way to pay and get paid across multiple African countries.

Trusted by over 20000+ clients & partners.


Pay or reward anyone anywhere with no Barrier.

Dollar Cards

Pay online for different products and services with a Virtual Dollar Card that works with Instagram, Facebook, Aliexpress, Amazon, Google, Apple etc.


Run cash and airtime & cash giveaway across 5 African countries, easily overcome currency & location barriers at no extra cost.


Pay and get paid by your partners and clients across the globe with ease and convenience.


A mobile wallet that let you do more with ease, receieve and pay anyone with just a tap.

Airtime To Cash

Experience the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to convert your airtime to cash.


Receive payments from anyone and anywhere using just a link, without creating account for every currency.

Accept instant Payments & Reward your Customers.

Reduce cost and increase value with our all inclusive payments, loyalty and business management tools for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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